TT20 photo gallery, videos and review

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Unfortunately I compressed the photos too much, but the originals are available for those individuals who want pics of themselves.  Please note the filename of the pic (ex. DSC001234) or the full url in your browser's address bar and provide an
email address that can handle large files. 

Videos ... Coming Soon:

The Masquerade....

As promised, I will share my footage for free, please be patient as the performers, stage ninjas and crew get first priority when it is completed (I have considerations and priorities to contend with vs. fandom, please be patient).  The quality isn't the greatest as I was not able to test ahead of time due to a tight schedule working once again for security, but it's there, and it's yours to share with your friends.  I don't want any money for it, I feel we are a community, not a paycheque and it cost me nothing to volunteer some time to film it and process it.

Here's a link to the Masquerade video (low-res, 94 MB)

(Just select free download from the service, then wait for the timer to count down from about 60 seconds, enter the 3 digit code to show you are a real person, then click to download.)

I'm going to work on possibly getting the higher-res version online, or at least share it on data cd for those who want to meet up to do it.  It is to be shared freely as it is, and not for sale.

Click here for my youtube page, where I'm working on adding the following:

... Other video footage

- Some of the ladies on concom singing "Bitch"
- Michael and his Rocky Horror Karaoke performance
- Chil and the klingons arresting Ed the Sock
- Daniel (Chil's son) lightsabre duel on stage with Richard Hatch
- training video employing the proper dosage and application of pixie sticks (filmed at 2am Sunday night)
- closing ceremonies (from the stage, very shaky, sorry)
- other video shots I took around the con that I can't recall right now.

Be sure to stay tuned to my blog / journal for updates for video downloads.

A brief review of TT20 from the guy who came back to TT Security.

Yup, I'm back, and I'd like to thank Merlyn and the entire security team for welcoming me back.  After wondering (and missing being able to help people) if I still "had what it takes" I called up Merlyn a few weeks after AdAstra 25 and wondered if I could come back.  The answer to him from the con-chairs was basically "Hell Ya!" so here I am, enjoying the company of some of the greatest people I know as a ws only fair to earn my stripes once again, so to speak - that and I never had the chance to be a trainee, so I enjoyed it a lot.

Last year's
TTrek 19 was the first time I went to any con as an attendee, and I guess it made me a true believer as I could see from the other side how well and hard the concom worked.  And this year, I came back and I'm glad y'all approve :)  I've said what needed to be said, did what needed to be done, and now no power in the 'verse can stop me.

So I guess I should get going with the review... but It's more or less summed up in the photo gallery (a picture is worth 1000 words, etc.) but I want to say first and foremost....

T H A N K  Y O U  A L L ! ! ! !

I had an awesome time & thanks to the following:

the folks on the security team, thank you for welcoming me back, your patience and understanding and all the support, you rock.

And the Security Trifecta is now complete:
- Masquerade, Best Workmanship - Twinkler & Trinity
Gillies Award (for the concom member that went above and beyond) - Trinity
- Video Contest Winner - Sid's Retro Toronto Trek video (
download it here)

Thank you to Mark, Monica, Peter and the Main Room folks that helped me get set up in a prime position to record the masquerade.  Also thanks to Chris who I met when he was filming the guests and filmed the masquerade with his much higher quality set-up, cheers.

The ladies from the Staff Lounge that gave me a lift home Monday, you rock!  Thanks also to Kris and the Webb clan for being awesome.

And thank you to the many people that came up to compliment our security eam and concom for the hard work and for how smoothly things went.  Everywhere I turned, people were very happy and passing compliments... thank you, it means so much.

Thanks to all those who had time to sign my shirt, it's quite heartwarming to realize how many friends I have at TT.  The shirt ran out of room for signatures by Saturday night!

More kudos and thanks to follow, I just can't recall names right now... look for more Toronto Trek 20 reviews & photos at the post convention forum on the TT Message Board

Updates to the videos are coming, stay tuned.

Oh, and click here or the pics to the left for Sid's TT20 photos.

(disclaimer stuff) The content of this website does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the TCON promotional society, TT20, its members or events.  All reasonable requests regarding photographs will be honoured, eventually.
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