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Upcoming links and summary of services and awareness provided by:

OIPRD - Attorney General's Office of the Independent Police Review Director
Enabling the public to voice concerns about police behaviour including unlawful and/or excessive use of authority (for example; unlawful arrest, perhaps? [new window] ).

PSISB - Private Security and Investigative Services Branch
Oversight, Enforcement and Disciplinary actions against Security Guards and Agencies including acting as a guard without a licence.

HRTO  - The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

Ontario Ministry of Labour - Protection Against Reprisal - Electronic Frontier Foundation

One Party Consent Recording
A quick primer on what you're allowed to do in Canada as it pertains to dashcams and recording devices

Burned At The Door
Beware of Door to Door Energy Marketers - numerous complaints of them claiming false authority to enter residence.

Black Book of Scams - Competition Bureau, Government of Canada