Friends - Live audio scanner feeds and chat
ALIENS Legacy - UACM Official Colonial Marines, Canadian Charter
Sword in the Stone - Custom leatherwork & props for media like Boondock Saints, Saw & Resident Evil
Niagara QuarterMaster - Excellent supplier of MOLLE, gear, airsoft & awesome tactical needs
KWSurplus - That place with the Russian Tank & British Spitfire and practically anything for sale.
Beaver's Surplus - The last best chance to get decent surplus in Toronto
Adventurer's Guild Cafe - A great place to get your geek, game, drink, etc on.
Candy Candy Candy (I can't let you go) - Want some candy? (R.I.P.)


Kitchener Comic Con - April 2, 2016 - the return of the popular one-day show hosted at City Hall

Other Stuff

/k/ A Magical Place [18+]
PHUN [18+]
LameBook - parody site, the only thing that FB has to offer me ;)
Ingress - The world around you is not as it seems
Canada Computers - my usual source for Dashcams, surveillance equipment & memory cards - Links