Greetings, soon there will be a directory of the awful conduct of Ronald Clifford Earl Hoppe and those few who participate, enable and otherwise deem his horrible behaviour as acceptable.

Articles and documentation will be provided that show a persistent pathological approach of unethical actions by RCE Hoppe.

Included documentation will show: baseless legal threats exposed, statements from former friends and associates, multiple social media accounts used to likely exaggerate or feign genuine interaction, and more.

Until then, please view the
reddit thread that got the movement rolling and people speaking up and coming forward with their own's both sad and somewhat relieving to know how many people have had similar experiences of having their good faith misused.

To give an idea of what will be found here:
Ron surrounds himself with a small group of  about 4 people who I believe have issues understanding things like ethics and basic cognitive reasoning.

Ron Hoppe and
Dennis Claveau (aka Cress Holmes) are the worst of the bunch. The two others I believe are just incapable or unwilling to think for themselves. For example, sometime Autumn 2017 those two met with Ron and Dennis and were somehow convinced I was involved in bashing Dennis for whatever reason of his lifestyle (irrelevant, though it is common for awful people to try to present selves as having been wronged somehow when their awful behaviour is exposed - kinda like Kevin Spacey making claims about his sexuality while trying to deflect responsibility for what he did with a minor - but I digress) and sent me hateful misguided messages.  Mr. Claveau's lifestyle choices are irrelevant, however, his reprehensible conduct, much like Ron Hoppe's, is of concern.

Apparently Dennis wants to be thought of as a victim when called his
old name or something even though that individual uses both names. Although his Linkedin profile shares his occuptation(s), his POF profile claims to be a Media Coordinator.

Then why, as a representative of Kitchener ComicCon, did he send emails using both names together?
Here's a copy of the message sent by
Dennis Claveau
using the pseudonym
Cressidia Andrew Holmes
to proclaim a false legal threat using an assumed name stating comments will be presented to a
non-existent legal team.

If they could afford such a thing they wouldn't have run an
(unsuccessful) online fundraiser to 'save' the 2017 Kitchener ComicCon (KCC) show yet have funds for 3 connected suites at an expensive hotel with alcohol and pizza delivered.
Hmmm, some guy who can't get his own stories straight, sends false legal threat. Gosh, did he lie to his friends?
I could come up with a few theories about liars and fraudsters but hey, I'm just posting information here ;)

...but this is just the start, stay tuned for updates.

OK, how about Ron Hoppe using his multiple online identities to artificially interact and promote himself;

> all 6 responses to Ron Hoppe's post are from Ron himself
> all 3 responses to Ron Hoppe's post are from Ron himself

The following known accounts are Ron Hoppe's, don't be fooled, they're all him.
(Kind of obvious with his fixation with ' lol ') (protected tweets - changed it Autumn 2017 after new round of complaints) (completely fraudulent identity)

Mr. Hoppe has used these accounts that he controls to reply/respond/promote himself... quite dishonest and excessive.

Also, Facebook:

He runs the unofficial Anime North group, and ran an account under the name '
Little Jimmy 7' - I'm pretty sure he's used that account to promote his other account(s) on Facebook (RCEHoppe, KCC, etc) I've got documents to rumage through but if you've got something to share, please contact the site.

You're probably thinking to yourself, really? Are these guys for real?

Unfortunately I think you know the answer to that already.

Here's Ron responding to a young woman's complaint about KCC:

And apparently this guy is involved with '
cosplay picnic' at Victoria Park.
(check the creeptastic imagery used in profile picture)

I wonder if parents of young cosplayers who attend know how he conducts himself?

Updates to continue - many contributions from a huge number of former friends and associates to go through.